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TO REGISTER... Click on the link below and type in the body of your email the following information:
(To use as reference you can copy and paste the following into the email.)

  • FULL Name:   (First and Last)
  • Company Name:
  • Complete Address:
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  • Phone No.:
  • Email: (Make sure your Email filter will accept our emails in order for you to receive our Catalogue.  Also this allows us to communicate with you regarding your orders. Your personal info is kept strictly Confidential...Your privacy is important to us and we will not sell your personal information!!!)
  • Business License Acct. No. or State Tax ID.

To Register copy and paste above and Click HERE  

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Within 24hrs. you will receive information on how to order wholesale, as soon as you have been approved.  Please make sure you provide the requested information or you will not be approved.   If you have a question about registering please let me know. To send your question Click HERE  




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